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Calibrating a Wireless LAN Survey Plan

One of the most important steps in completing a WiFi network survey using  a professional survey tool is to ensure that you have a correctly calibrated the floor plans used to conduct the survey. Without this step, your survey may be inaccurate or, at worst, worthless. In this article we look at why this is important, together with the right (and wrong) way to do it. Background When performing any type of  WiFi network survey using a tool such as Ekahau’s Site Survey or Fluke’s AirMagnet, one of the first tasks performed is the creation of a survey project. During the creation of the survey project, a number of configuration tasks must be performed. One of mandatory tasks is to import an electronic copy of the floor plan of the area to be surveyed. The floor plan is generally an image file (jpg, png, bmp etc.format) that has been created from an architect’s blueprint of each floor of a building. Professional survey tools also often allow the import of AutoCad (DWG) f