Disabling the LED Indicator on a Cisco Lightweight AP

This is just another one of those ad-hoc posts for a piece of information I get tired of looking up.

I often get the question: "can I disable the LED indicator on a Cisco Lightweight Access Point?". At this point, I always have to jump for my CLI reference guide and can never remember the right word to search for.

So, here is the command I need (for next time...):

config ap led-state  {enable |  disable} {cisco_ap  |  all} 

It can only be done from the CLI as far as I am aware.

It can be useful from time to time if you have someone in a dark room who is annoyed by the lamp, or even more useful, if you are trying to track a particular AP that perhaps you aren't too sure of the location of ("go and look for the AP with no lamp on").

I just hope I remember that I blogged about this next time I need this command...

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