Wireless Engineer Locator Tool

If you’re looking for a wireless survey engineer for a forthcoming Wi-Fi network project, or you’re a wireless survey engineer who’d like to snag a few new customers, here is a great site you’ll want to check out!

I was lucky enough to attend the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference in February of this year (2017). Among the feast of Wi-Fi presentations and products was a very nice survey kit offering from a company I’d not heard of before called HiveRadar. They offer a complete survey kit in a flight case for survey engineers. The beauty of this kit is that it has everything you need to perform an on-site, “AP on a Stick” survey packed into one, robust flight case (yes...even the survey pole!). If you’re a Wi-Fi engineer, this is certainly an offering you will appreciate, particularly if you have to do plenty of plane journeys.

Fig1. Engineer Locator

However, in addition to their great products, one thing that really caught my eye was an “engineer locator” tool that is available on their web site. The locator shows a map of the world, with little “HiveRadar” pins sprinkled across various countries. Each pin represents the location of a wireless engineer. If you click on any of the pins, you can access the engineer details, including their bio, qualifications, experience, and vendor expertise. It also provides a  contact form so that you can get in touch directly with the engineer so that perhaps you can talk to them about possible engagements etc.

Fig2. Engineer Details

If you’re a wireless engineer, you might assume that this superb service is only available to HiveRadar customers. But, no, you’d be wrong! HiveRadar make this service available to any wireless engineer (for free!) who’d like to submit their details and sign-up. There is a slight delay between sign-up and appearing on the locator page, but I assume this is due to a checking process.

If you’re a wireless engineer, I’d strongly recommend you get along to the HiveRadar site and register yourself on their locator page - who knows who may be looking to get hold of your services!?. Similarly, if you’re looking for a wireless engineer to help you out with your next Wi-Fi project, this is a great place to check out engineering talent in your area.  


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