Wi-Fi For Beginners Podcast on Youtube

A few years back, I created a podcast series called "Wi-Fi For Beginners". It was aimed at networking profesisonals who already have general networking skills, but were looking to expand their Wireless LAN knowledge.

The series was very popular and has had many tens of thousands of downloads to date. After speaking recently with Keith Parsons about the series, I thought it might be useful to post the 21 episodes of the series on YouTube to make it accessible to a whole new audience who aren't perhaps so familiar with subscribing to podcasts etc.

Although created between 2015-2017, the majority of the content is still applicable to current wireless networking practices. In fact, many of the fundamentals of wireless and networking theory never change.

Knowledge of wireless LAN networking requires an understanding of all of the legacy 802.11 ammendments that have gone before and still need to be understood today. The main area missing from this series when considering wireless networking today is the 802.11ax amendment, which is still awaiting final ratification at the time of writing.

I have posted the podcast episodes in a playlist as a series of audiograms on Youtube. If you've not heard them before, you can work through them by playing the list, which will walk you through them in sequential order. There are also a set of slides avaiable to view with this audio series which you can obtain from my website.

I hope you enjoy listening to the series if you missed it first time around!


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