Apple iTunes Services

This is just a quick note about some Apple services you may see advertised using mDNS when you are implementing a Bonjour gateway on your wireless network. I've been investigating which services might be visible when the iTunes application is being run on computers that are connected to the wireless network.

From my testing, I have only been able to find 2 services you may come across when using iTunes (this just considers the iTunes application and does not include any other services from Apple TV, printers etc.):
  • _daap._tcp.local.
  • _apple-mobdev._tcp.local.


This service becomes available when you choose the option to share your library on the local network Share library on local network:

The service advertisements are generated by the iTunes software on the computer (and hence originate from the computer itself) to be detected by other devices/computers across the network


This service becomes visible when the 'Sync over Wifi' option is selected for a device that is connected to the computer running via the sync cable. Once this option has been enabled, the device can sync with iTunes using the WiFi network rather than having to be tethered by the sync cable.

Interestingly, the _apple-mobdev._tcp.local. service advertisements come from the device itself (e.g. the iPad which has WiFi sync enabled), NOT the iTunes software on the computer.


In summary, you may see the following services from when iTunes is being used on your network:
  • _daap._tcp.local. (from the iTunes computer)
  • _apple-mobdev._tcp.local. (from the mobille device - e.g. iPad)
If you come across any other services that may be associated with iTunes, let me know - these were the only 2 I could find (see screenshot below).

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