Top 10 Things a WiFi Installer Does Not Want To Hear...

Here are the top 10 things (IMO) you don't want to hear from a customer when you arrive on site to install a new WiFi network (I compiled this rather quickly in a flippant moment - please don't take it too seriously...):
  1. Our networking guy, who was going to be helping you today, isn't available, I'm afraid he's... (choose from the following):
    • On a late shift
    • Off sick
    • On leave
    • Over-slept
    • Double-booked
    • Left the company
    • Had a baby
    • Buying a radiation suit
  2. Oh, you wanted POE ports for those APs?
  3. Our goods-in department has definitely received the kit, they're just not sure which part of the hospital it went to...
  4. Oh, we thought you were bringing the kit with you. No, we haven't received anything.
  5. You know that 500-person call-center where you said we might have issue with personal hot-spots? The good news is, we've introduced a policy of 'no personal hot-spots' in that area! As a sweetener, we gave all of the operatives a bluetooth headset, mouse and keyboard each. We also threw in 5 new microwave ovens for their rest area, together with 10 new security cameras to monitor all that new gear.
  6. We've changed out minds. We'd really like to be able to run video and voice across the network as well. Can you squeeze that in whilst you're here?
  7. Our CEO has a new iPad and he'd really like to be able to use it on the wireless network. I know it wasn't in scope, but it's really important...
  8. Well, the salesman said it would support <insert unsupported feature here>.
  9. We've decided we would like a bit of coverage outside of the building after all (the CEO is a smoker). Can you move a couple of APs a bit closer to the windows near the smokers area?
  10. The cabling guy has assured us that you'll have no issues with 120 metre cable runs...
I'm sure there are plenty of others... :)


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