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Aerohive AP DHCP Option 226 in Cisco IOS

Just a quick note to myself (as well as sharing for anyone interested)... Aerohive APs can be told where to find Hive Manager using DHCP option 225 (for the HM name) or option 226 (for the HM IP address). - (see here for a much better explanation) I tried to set up the DHCP option 226 for an Aerohive AP today to tell it where to find Hive Manager in my lab. The DHCP server I am using is a Cisco IOS switch. I couldn't get the AP to accept the option for some reason. After lots of playing about, I finally figured out what my issue was: I was using the ' ascii ' keyword for the option type, when it should have been the ' ip ' type (...yes, it's always obvious in retrospect). Here is the correct configuration for a DHCP scope in case you find yourself in the same position: ! *** only assign addresses above .150 *** ! ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address ! ip dhcp pool AP-VLAN    network 192.16