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Cisco AP Channel Utilization

One thing that keeps me awake at night is the whole concept of Co-channel interference in WiFi networks (well, that and acid reflux) . I'm always concerned by it's presence in a Wireless LAN, how to detect it, how to avoid it and how to measure its effect. In this article I share a tip I picked up from a recent Cisco webinar to determine the general level of utilization of an AP's channel. I also look at how this may give us a clue about the level of CCI in a Cisco wireless network. Background Co-channel interference (CCI), co-channel contention (CCC)...whatever you want to call it (I'm growing quite fond of the term "Co-channel Chatter"), is a blight in many WiFi networks. In all but the most isolated and carefully designed of wireless LANs, it lurks, waiting to disrupt the efficient operation of our WiFi network. As the number of WiFi networks rises, AP channel-widths increase (with newer WiFi standards) and the population of WiFi devices explodes, th