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Wireless Analysis Resources

Wireless traffic capture and analysis can be a tricky business and is often seen as something of a dark art to newcomers to the world of Wi-Fi. There are a huge variety of options when considering how to capture wireless traffic over the air, with many of the solutions being paid-for options that may be out of reach for many individuals. Many people approaching wireless analysis may already be familiar with Wireshark, based on their previous experience on wired networks, where they may have used it for troubleshooting and analysis purposes.  They may wonder if they can use Wireshark for their initial foray into wireless analysis.  Using Wireshark for wireless capture and analysis on Wi-Fi networks can be a little tricky and presents the newcomer with a whole new slew of frame types to learn. There are many good articles, videos and podcasts out there looking at wireless analysis, particularly if Wireshark is your tool of choice. I thought it would be good to pull them together

CWAP Study Notes Files

A while back I published my CWAP study notes on another blogging platform which I've since abandoned. I've had another request to re-publish them, so here they are for your reading pleasure. Note that these apply to an older version of the CWAP exam, but still have some great information summarized in there. Here are the files I put together for each chapter. I fizzled out note-taking wise at chapter 10 (802.11 HT) , hence its omission from this list (sorry!). CWAP study note files: Chapter 1 - 802.11 Overview Chapter 2 - Physical Layer Format Chapter 3 - 802.11 MAC Sub-layer Frame Format Chapter 4 - 802.11 Management Frames Chapter 5 - 802.1 Control Frames Chapter 6 - Data Frames Chapter 7 - 802.11 Medium Contention Chapter 8 - Power Management Chapter 9  802.11 Security