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Apple TV Services

I've been taking a look at the Bonjour protocol in general recently due to some requirements I have been looking at for customers.

The availability of Bonjour gateways from the likes of Cisco and Aerohive certainly make things a lot easier to provide access to Bonour services without having to jump through lots of multicast-over-wireless hoops.

One area of particular focus has been Apple TV. It seems to be quite a popular device with execs who want to be able to mirror their iPad on to a meeting room projector.

There are some great tools that allow you to browse the services that are available on a network. I have been using Bonjour Browser for Windows, though other Mac equivalents are also available.

When looking at the services available from an Apple TV, I see the following services advertised:
I was interested to know what each of these services does. So, here it what I've been able to turn up …