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Join Me In A New Community?

OverviewI joined Twitter 9 years ago in a quest to follow my favourite Wi-Fi gurus and hear their pearls of wisdom about Wi-Fi technology. Through their generous contributions and support I learned a huge amount, completing a number of career certifications, becoming engaged with my own blogging & tweets, and generally advancing my career as a result.

It was without doubt, a very rewarding path for me on many levels.

In those early days, it was a small community with a very tight focus on Wi-Fi technology. Every day brought new opportunities to explore new topics, concepts and details of the latest and greatest ideas and kit.

As time has marched on, the community I follow has grown significantly. This has generally been a good thing, as more people are able to learn and share.
Unfortunately, the nature of people’s individual social media usage patterns have also changed over time. Many have chosen to “spread their wings” in terms of their social media output to include …